Cirche Major


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Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC, Sobek Colonial Confederation
Mods No
Hex Address 205100F48930
Galactic Coordinates 012F:007F:0747:0051
System Name Bifrost {SCC Capital}
Climate Parched Sands
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Rich
Sentinals Regular
Economy Fuel Generation/ Medium Supply
Discovered By HusbandVader
Notes Color palette updated for Visions. The capital of the Sobek Colonial Confederation has moved here! The same 4-circuit board farm is still available for harvest. Base is located 1 hour by foot, 30 minutes by Nomad or 3 minutes by ship from the portal. Enjoy the beautiful desert scenery on your way. From towering mesas to plunging valleys, this planet will take your breath away!
Gamepedia Link Sobek Colonial Confederation
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