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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 00900A00C022
Galactic Coordinates 0821:0089:080B:0090
System Name Nofnun
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets 1 Moon
Climate [Redacted]
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Absent
Sentinals Hostile
Economy Alchemical/ Developing
Discovered By X1XCERBERUSX1X
Notes This system has 4 exotic planets(14901ly from center). Doomed, dead, chromatic fog, and corrupted which also has a desert moon. Pretty cool system to explore with 4 unique biomes. Portal spat me out on doomed but i will build a holding place base computer on the corrupted planet's moon. CF planet has huge flora. Portal spits out on doomed planet, hostile sentinals should be avoided to not have to fight in space.
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