Suba 49/f9

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Galaxy, Platform 04 Hesperius Dimension (PS4), PS4
Hex Address 11B000FFDFF8
Galactic Coordinates 07F7:007F:07FC:01B0
System Name Ajimar System
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets
Climate Scalding Rainstorms
Flora Bountiful
Fauna Generous
Sentinals High Security
Economy None
Discovered By Publicd01
Base Description The base is located in the middle of a large ocean. The planet itself contain stat bulbs and a few other useful materials. The base is largely a farm to grow frostworth and coprite to make glass. On a nearby radioactive planet I have another farm to make gamma roots. The two farms together can make 24x living glass per hour. The gate will take you to a scolding hot hellworld of a planet. On the oposite side of that planet is my base. The system it self has not much to offer. But I hope that uploading it here will make some visitors come and see my base and maybe set up bases of their own.
Notes The system is located just at the border to the galactic center. I have discovered several systems in that area and set up outposts on multiple systems. I would like to create something like hub in this area so that exploring the hesperius dimension won't be so lonely
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