Wet My Whistle

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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 5049025232CF
Galactic Coordinates 0ACE:0081:0D22:0049
System Name Farming American Style
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets
Climate Mostly Calm (Occasional Hot Rain Storms)
Flora High
Fauna Generous
Sentinals Low Security
Economy Alchemical // Affluent
Discovered By Crockman
Base Description Living Glass Farm (can create 30)
Notes 2 Living Glass Farms (can create 30 at each) within 500u of each other. Bases are on an Island well out into the Ocean, Planet itself is mostly water. Local Exotic is Yellow with 2 Vertical Fins, both fold to the bottom when in flight. Exotic spawned Twice out of 20 Save Reloads (2 minutes per load). Low Inventory Slot S-Class Explorers & Fighters also available. Comm Station at Trading Post & Portal. Bases were placed with Scenery in mind, so bases are a fair distance from the Portal
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