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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Alpha Centauri Community Hub Project, Xbox
Hex Address 2164F8FFD000
System Name Alpha Centauri
Celestial Bodies 5 Planets 1 Moon
Climate Humid
Flora Rich
Fauna Rich
Sentinals Low
Discovered By AJStClair
Base Description We are a dedicated universal community hub. We will eventually have these, or new accounts, and move as a unit to the new system. Concentrating on helping to populate the next Galaxy en masse will give us all the upper hand and the Galaxy we're all looking forward to will be much more satisfying. Join us in the system Alpha Centauri. 5 planets, all large, and spaced far enough to prevent too much lag. Many of these planets are very rare and hold advanced resources. There are a lot of us here already, and we're here to help. PM one of our members for a ride. We have a hub in Euclid as well as Eissantam. Alternatively use the portal addresses to visit the hubs.
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