Iedai 48/P4

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Galaxy, Platform 10 Eissentam (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 0178F9934FEE
Galactic Coordinates 07ED:0078:0133:0178
System Name Toairive
Celestial Bodies 3 Planets 2 Moons
Climate Heated Atmosphere
Flora Abundant
Fauna Rich
Sentinals Regular
Economy Research // Prosperous
Discovered By kolsonn
Base Description This is a Circuit Board farm intended for a greater Stasis Device farm spread over 4 systems. Able to produce 10,000 Solanium, 5,000 Frost Crystal, and 2,500 Cactus Flesh- enough for 50 Circuit Boards. Sectioned into halves for easy harvesting (25 or 50 boards). A full harvest yields a replantable 50 Circuit Board farm. Located immediately next to a Trade Outpost if you wish to browse starships. Thanks for visiting!
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