Cuyonk XI

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Galaxy, Platform 10 Eissentam (PC), PC
Mods No
Hex Address 0038F8934FEE
Galactic Coordinates 07ED:0077:0133:0038
System Name Pompaindu
Celestial Bodies 4 Planets
Climate Light Showers
Flora Ample
Fauna Full
Sentinals Average
Economy Mass Production // Sustainable
Discovered By kolsonn
Base Description This is an underwater Liquid Explosive farm featuring a Nautilon and lush underwater biome. Able to produce 15,000 Fungal Mould, 5,000 Cactus Flesh, and 625 Mordite, enough for 25 Liquid Explosive. Put simply, one Bio-Dome harvest yields one Liquid Explosive, up to 25. With an additional 175 Mordite, a full harvest yields a replantable 25 Liquid Explosive farm. Enjoy the cube art and thanks for visiting!
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