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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (Xbox), Xbox
Hex Address 10CA07F336C4
Galactic Coordinates 10CA07F336C4
System Name Ortianu
Climate Earth Like with random heat storms
Flora Normal
Fauna Normal
Sentinals Minimal
Discovered By CousinSteve
Base Description Ortianu City2, mapped out with 60+ residential road system, businesses, diff styles homes, football/basketball stadiums, military bases, water pump station, calm peaceful fall weather with heat storms, main road lined up to City1 across the lake, brown grass blue waters, a lot of flat land areas on this world for buildings.
Notes When at the portal glyph control, the message Com Station is to the right, to the right of that six hours distance is City 2. There is a work in progress just over the portal hill that is City 4.
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